P2P investment platforms

EvoEstateMajor European real estate p2p platforms under one roof. Extra due diligence on projects that are published.I am biased as I am co-founder of this projectWelltradoUse my affiliate link and get 0.5% return on invested amount during 3 months
EstateGuruFirst charge real estate collateral. ±10% returnsAutoInvest with adjustments are only for 500€ loans per borower. Very little autoinvest parameters.reviewUse my affiliate link or referral code EGU11239 and get 0.5% return on invested amount during 3 months
HousersExposure to Spanish, Portuguese and Italian real estate marketDifficult registration. Not allways clear about the collateral/hipoteca. No auto-investReview
MintosGreat variety of loan originators Mintos owner is related to many loan originators listed on the platformreviewUse my affiliate link or referral code YMLAI6 and get 0.75% return on invested amount during 3 months (up to 250)
not recommended:
TwinoStable returnsBad user experience. Cash balance on the account
BrickOwnerExposure in real estate sector of UKVery little supply of projects.Review
Flenderthey have only few campaigns active.
the loans are not backed up by collateral
they do not have automatic investing, you have to make loans manually
API. Active secondary marketNo transparency. Lower returns than expected.review
FarmcrowdyGood returns. Reputable managementDifficult to make investment with traditional european payment systemsreview