P2P portfolio 2017 Q3

Bondora. I did not make additional deposits to Bondora, but I have reinvested profit to #strategy3 High Risk loans. 157 loans for 2148€. Average return 78%. My total size of #strategy3 is 3428€ in almost 300 loans. Only 48 of them defaulted bringing 550€ of loss. My strategy works. Isn’t it ? 🙂 (net return on dashboard 10.2%)

Mintos. Less than 1% of bad debt – actually 0,16%. 12.95% return. During this period Mintos added new new loan originators from Bulgaria, Botswana and Czech Republic. I think i will ad 3k: 1k to each new country/originator. *mintos review

Twino. Their system is fucked up. I see 927€ cash idle. Trying to find loans – have one match. Return 11.99%

Housers. Deposited 1000€ but did not make any investment yet.

Brickowner. Deposited 1000GBP. Made one investment of 100.

Plan for 2017 Q4: Open 3 more accounts.

p.s. found a way to invest idle cash in Twino: created the auto-invest portfolio. 11% with buy-back guarantee in Kazakhstan



BillionToOne investment

I have invested in Billion To One a startup that is trying to make prenatal testing easy/cheap and safe. Even though i stopped my first ”fund” of startups, I have chosen to invest in this particular one because i believe and support their mission:

Our mission is to make prenatal diagnostics safe and affordable for all.

If there will be 1% advance in prenatal testing made and  i will lose all my investment – I will be happy with the outcome

Bankera ICO. Why not to invest in pre-ico?

The good

  • Based on already working project SpectroCoin
  • Paying dividends from day one
  • Reputable team

The Bad

  • Low ROI on affiliate/dividend earning.
  • No EU regulations yet and it might take longer than expected
  • Spectrocoin claims making 500k/day in transaction, but they are not found in here

Things to consider

If pre-ICO raises 499.999.999 BNK, or 5.000.000 € (the lowest step) [total valuation 50m]

Current Spectrocoin profit is ±225k € (by the way my comment and their reply has been deleted from facebook feed) and the dividend for token holders are 40k (0,5M / year)

Dividend only 1%, if the first volume step is funded. (if the second one or third the yield gets even lower)

Another similar Estonian/Russian bank Polybius has a valuation of 25M. (i have a very small ‘play-money’ in it and my personal investment is down ±20%)


I will not invest in pre-ico, because it is pure gambling, but i do not say that i will not invest in ico or after ico, when the valuation of company is in range of 10-25M



Very unprofessional video for a company that claims making 2M of profits per year currently. Antanas Guoga TonyG a very charismatic person, public figure and good speaker this time seems like speaking so difficult to understand for the beginners or the pros. And the interviewer from the marketing reading from the A4 pages looks like unprepared school girl.



Insane ICO. Insane TenX

TenX hit 0.5 billion valuation today. Insane. I already wrote that TenX is overvalued when it had 80M valuation, but current valuation is Insane for the company that does not have a product yet. And why does TenX have 10-15x higher valuation than Mona.co or Tokencard?

And what i used miss all the time that real valuation is almost 2x, because not all the coins are circulating and current market capitalization is counted only with circulating coins.


The crisis may not come any time soon

Everybody agrees that the crisis or correction will come. I can not disagree with that. My idea is that investing (dollar cost averaging) should be more beneficial (Schwab study) than waiting for the crisis to come. It may come but it may be very short and recover very fast. Technically we are in second longest bull market not affected by recession. But the bear market of 1987 was only 3 months.

1987 August 21 the highest was 335.90

1987 December 4 the lowest was 223.92 (33% fall). From that moment The bull market started again.

1989 July 21 it crossed the 335.90 again

Conclusion: timing market is not a good idea.

Prediction: no one knows if crisis will come this year or in next 10 years. And for the reason that there is huge anticipation that the crisis is near, for that reason I would bet that it might not come soon. Reason #2 is that people still remember 2008. Reason #3 People have too much cash and moderate debt (look at the insane ICOs)

selling bad loans on Bondora secondary market

Last week i have posted all of my defaulted loans on secondary market with a 50% discount. None of them moved out for few days. So i raised the discount to 75% and 78 loans were sold. 85% of them were estonian loans. Only 3 HR Spanish loans.
177 defaulted loans left with total principal of 7404€. My profit in the dashboard is 2845€ with net return 10.55%, by my historical portfolio 8.24% and total portfolio 5.3%.

strategy #3.  total default 24 loans. Total purchased 242.

Full Bondora review

p.s. I do not recommend Bondora for safe, automatic, high return investment. If you do register, please use my referral link

Startup vs ICO. Revolut vs TenX

I have invested in Revolut, my friend invested in TenX. Both have a similar service: free currency exchange bank card

Valuation55M (2016 June)80M (2017 June)
Does it have a product?Yes. 200k users at that time.Not public. 1000 Beta testers.
New users per day15000
Competitive advantageFree currency exchange0.1% cashback on spent cryptocurrency
valuation 2017 08420M420M
active users 2017 08500.0000

After Revolut announced that it will ad 3 main cryptocurrencies to its app – what is the competitive advantage of TenX then?

What valuation would i give?

5-10M: ±12 times! less than it is now. Competitor Monaco has now a 9M valuation

Farmcrowdy review

Farmcrowdy provides Nigeria’s smallholder farmers with an alternative means to acquire financing to expand or improve their farms by providing them with access to micro-insurance, investors, and buyers. Farmcrowdy’s platform allows potential investors to find farms or crops to invest in and provides them with real-time updates to follow their investments to fruition. Farmcrowdy has a ready market for all supported farm projects and typically presents farm investors with a 15-24% return on investment in 4-12 months.

Executive team:

Onyeka Akumah    –  Co-Founder & CEO

The person is real and i know him from his previous positions in Konga and Jumia, which was a part of Rocket Internet

The interesting thing about his CV is that he has positions in many companies up to 2 years.

The rest of the team

How do you protect my investment?

P2P portfolio 2017 Q2

2017 Q1 review

2017 Q2


  1. made few investments with my strategy #3 including not only Spanish loans. 59 Loans bought at secondary market for total of 490€ with average interest rate of 53%
  2. from Stretegy #3 25 loans defaulted out of 148
  3. I analyzed opportunity to create API script for this strategy, but the problem is that Bondora does not allow this ‘search’ functionality and at the moment this can be done only manually. To make 490€ of investments in a quarter took me 30-60 minutes – not that bad ROI per hour spent – i will dedicate this task during Q3 for my assistant and expect to quadruple.
  4. Total defaults 8981€. Total profit 4164€


It is totally automated and i like the results. Therefor i will add another 3k in here.