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Holibike project diary

The vision of Holibike project is easy bike rentals everywhere.

November 11th. First 4 bikes parked in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria port. Android app launched.

November 17th. IOS app released

November 19th. All bikes are in the places. None of them were rented. The problem: How to make them more visible. Testing with spray. Decided to make stencils for the bikes.

December 4th. None bikes stolen.

December 5th. First hotel in Las Palmas:  AC Hotel Iberia asked to bring 2 bikes.

December 6th. 2 more bikes parkes in Parque San Telmo. Total bikes active 7. Stolen 0. Rented 0.

December 10th. Talked to couple from Britain, how did they find their bike rent in Las Palmas. The answer was googled. Idea: invest in exact match keywords in google.

December 11th. Started contacting by email people who downloaded app, but didn’t make a rent. Rents 0

December 27th. Moved 4 bikes to Fuerteventura.

January 9th. First customer. Unfortunately it was offline sale, not online. While visiting hotel Exe regarding partnership at the same time i met a lady who wanted to rent a bike

January 27th decided to close the project. 4 bikes stolen. 4 bikes damaged. (lamp, saddles stolen, basket broken)

January 31st. Sold bikes

total loss: 10k €

lessons learned:

  1. one source of marketing isn’t enough to make sales
  2. people steal 10€ worth items
  3. bicycle rent is very profitable business if you have cheap service

stolen  bikes:

BYP1630300206 2

BYP160300293 18

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