Brickowner vs Housers equity

I believe the lean P2P companies will eat the banks in the near future. I commited 5k investment in equity of Brickowner and now thinking about getting the equity in Housers

In Brickowner i invested as a client and in Housers i have just made a deposit, but didn’t choose any property yet. Even though they have 60 employees their customer support sucks and the company itself is not clear for me. Who are they and what they do? Whom the projects belong to? Who is the lemonway (deposit is made to them)? What is the purpose of 2 subsidiaries which they own at 64% and 70%?

2017 October raising850k @ 44M 120k @ 2,5Mtotal raised 117k
Loans issued up to date *M320,2730
ProsPan EuropeanLean companyLean and transparent company
Cons60 employeesFew properties for investorsServing 3 small markets

Finally i decide to skip investing in Housers equity because there are too many unanswered question to which they hide “For confidentality issues” we can not answer you….


Property Partners
March 2016 – Property Partner raised a £15.9m Series B in March 2016. Valuation: £60m pre-money
⎝ Run rate of aprox. 2.4 million pounds monthly at the time of investment
Other relevant data
⎝ Actual run rate of 2.7 million pounds in August 2017
⎝ This is done with a leverage of almost 50% in most of their projects
⎝ Just one country
Time since company being incorporated
⎝ Funded in 28 May 2014 – more time to get to the 2-5 mn. mark

May 2017: Capital Round of €8 million at €59 million pre-money
⎝ Run rate at the time of the round of €3.4 m – €4m
o (
⎝ Just one country
⎝ Funded in 2013 – more than to achieve the 2.5 mn. Mark

The House Crowd
⎝ Actual Run rate of 2.5 million pounds,
o In 20 July 2017 -The House Crowd has raised £15m in the past six months, taking its total fundraising to date to £50m.
⎝ Just one country
⎝ Funded in 29 December 2011 – more than to achieve the 2.5 mn. mark

⎝ Actual run rate of approx. 2.5 million euros
⎝ Presence in 1 country plus 2 additional (starting), 95% of investment comes only from Spain. First of the previous offering properties in 3 countries
⎝ Funded in 2015 (latest player – faster growth)- Less months to get to the €2.5 m. mark
⎝ Country with lower purchasing power (less consumption and investment per habitant)

Investing in Real Estate in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

After listening to Travel MBA podcast #18 with Artem Melnik, i have decided to invest in Real Estate in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Why i love Las Palmas?

“It is Chiang Mai of Europe”

“Destination #1 for digital tourism”

Always spring weather.

Twice cheaper than Barcelona.

Few things i have found out:

You can get a mortgage if you are non resident and your income is from other European country.

The general terms are:

  1. you can spend 40% of your income on mortgage payments
  2. revenue from other country counts in. For the proof you need a document from your state inspection stating your last year income and taxes paid, apostilized by embassy. Last 6 month bank statement. Nota simple of the object you want to buy.
  3. you can get a mortgage with 30% downpayment and 2% interest for 20-30 years depending on bank. I have visited Santander and BBVA.

My target goal of ROI is 20% on personal capital. Buy, make construction – resell.

While on sale – Short term rental via AirBnb.

Those who are interested in buying property to rent – there is a good article on taxes and regulations regarding renting.

AVG spanish property prices

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