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Best P2P for investors

These are peer to peer lending sites i use as investor. I recommend splitting your lending budget equally between each.

Mintos – latvian lending platform operating as a middleman between alternative lending companies in 8 countries (Denmark, Czech Republic, Georgia, Poland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania). Has loans with buy back guarantee and/or with collateral. My favourite platform – has many good – set it and forget it. My Review of Mintos

Bondora – brings highest interest rates, but system needs constant look. Also i don’t trust their auto-invest tool, so i recommend using the API (which needs time/money to be developed) My Review of Bondora

update 2017 04 01:

Why i don’t like Twino anymore

  1. the login interface for some reason doesn’t remember the password. So each time i want to login i have to request new one.
  2. I have deposited 2000 during last quarter with auto-invest rules suggested by the support and every time i login i see cash in the account. At the moment 567€ cash in the account

Twino – very similar platform to Mintos. The UX and auto-invest functions are little bit less attractive than in Mintos, so that is the only reason why it is #2 in the list.  Also set it and forget it


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